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  • Ferrous Posted on 17 March 2013


    Drew Markou Ferrous

    A collaborative exhibition by Velvet da Vinci and crafthaus

    Velvet da Vinci San Francisco exhibition 
    March 1 - April 14, 2013
    Artists' reception Friday, March 1, 2013 from 6 to 8 p.m.

    crafthaus online exhibition 
    March 1 - March 31, 2013

    catalog is available with essay by Jillian Moore 


    Velvet da Vinci and online design blog crafthaus are proud to present FERROUS, an exhibition of jewelry using iron, steel, and steel alloys. Although the use of iron dates back more than two thousand years, this humble material is more commonly used for agriculture and industrial purposes than adornment. A significant exception is the Berlin Iron Jewelry of the early 19th century. The Prussian Royal family funded the uprising against Napoleon by encouraging wealthy citizens to exchange their precious gold and silver for intricately fabricated iron jewelry. 

    Intricacy is just one aspect the 60 artists of FERROUS explore with this versatile material. Known for its strength and lightness, the steel and iron jewelry of FERROUS is both rusty and shiny, sheet and wire, bejeweled and modest. The exhibition will take place simultaneously at Velvet da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco and as a virtual exhibition at crafthaus online. In May FERROUS will travel to 18Karat Gallery in Toronto, Canada as part of The Society of North American Goldsmith's annual conference.

    Featuring artists from the USA, Germany, Scotland, Sweden, UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Wales, Israel, Mexico, Spain, Canada, and Brazil.


    Participating artists:

    Nanz Aalund, USA • Anne Achenbach, Germany • Dauvit Alexander, Scotland • Talya Baharal, USA • Michael Berger, Germany • Lisa Bjorke, Sweden • Aaron Bray, USA • Elizabeth Callinicos, UK • Melissa Cameron, USA/Australia • David Choi, USA • Kat Cole, USA • Dialogue Collective, UK • Andy Cooperman, USA • Donna D'Aquino, USA • Jaclyn Davidson, USA • Ann Catrin Evans, Wales • Maureen Faye-Chauhan, Australia • Réka Fekete, The Netherlands • Mirla Fernandes, Brazil • Peg Fetter, USA • Rebekah Frank, USA • Motoko Furuhashi, USA • Susie Ganch, USA • Elliot Gaskin, USA • Janna Gregonis, USA • Dana Hakim, Israel • Masako Hamaguchi, UK • Tom Hill, USA/UK • Heejin Hwang, USA • Rob Jackson, USA • Mary Frisbee Johnson, USA • Lisa Juen Sinnott, USA • Satomi Kawai, USA • Maya Kini, USA • Amy Klainer, USA • Jenny Laidlaw, UK • Lorena Lazard, Mexico • Roxy Lentz, USA • Timothy Information Limited, UK• Kajsa Lindberg, Sweden • Tara Locklear, USA • Sarah Loertscher, USA • Drew Markou, UK • Judy McCaig, Spain/Scotland • Lindy McSwan, Australia• Chris Nelson, USA • Iker Ortiz, Mexico • Claudio Pino, Canada • Jo Pond, UK • Suzanne Pugh, USA • Meghan Patrice Riley, USA • Mackenzie Sala, USA • Natasha Seedorf, USA • Sondra Sherman, USA • Helen Shirk, USA • Marjorie Simon, USA • Melissa Stiles, USA• Barbara Stutman, Canada • Tore Svensson, Sweden • Sarah West, USA • Katie Wright, UK

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