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  • PROJECT 100 Posted on 09 April 2013

    PROJECT 100 - Drew Markou


    PROJECT 100 is simple;

    1 Artist/Designer


    1 Day


    1 Set of materials


    100 individual items of art jewellery priced at £10 each


    PROJECT 100 aims to make Art Jewellery accessible to a wider audience by breaking down barriers such as cost..

    PROJECT 100 offers more than just affordable art jewellery, it presents the opportunity for dialogue around the unseen elements of a creative practitioners work. As an Artist & Designer, Drew Markou has spent years producing and making prototype items that never see the light of day, otherwise known as ‘test pieces’ or ‘maquettes’.  


    DREW MARKOU talks about the ideas and thoughts that lead to the creation of PROJECT 100:

    My life is filled with maquettes and test pieces, seen by many as ‘unfinished’ or ‘unrefined’ but for me they are the heart and soul of everything I do. Within an instant an idea is born and created, sometimes functional, sometimes not, sometimes understood and other times misconceived, but always purposeful. Each maquette possesses the embodiment of a thought, feeling, or just the question of  - what  if I?

    Maquettes are raw and instant, they are the physical manifestation of something from the world of thought into reality. Often they go beyond creating my thoughts in a 3 dimensional environment and offer the chance to create something unknown, which previously I had no preconceived idea about. Maquettes are the first point where creativity and material meet; they are an unknown territory and can offer a true representation of spontaneity and instinct.

    I have always wanted to show these - unfinished works - as it’s the sequential evolution from one object to the next that I find fascinating, the whole thought process, not the edited, re-edited and final selection of thoughts. I want to offer people the insight into the whole journey, not just a body of work that has been finely pruned and selected to best portray the reason for which it has been created. I want people to see the mistakes and the successes alongside each other, to be able to follow the journey to the point they choose and to potentially walk away with an item of art jewellery that for them is the point within the evolutionary sequence that they want to hold onto.  Not necessarily the cream of the crop that a practitioner would normally present to their audiences.

    It was also my aim to make sure that these works were accessible to anyone that wanted one.

    Money is a substantial barrier to many people, and in my eyes it’s a massive deterrent to people unfamiliar with Art  Jewellery. With Project 100 I hope to encourage people backstage into the world of artists & designers.  



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