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  • PROJECT 100 @ Yorkshire Artspace Posted on 15 May 2013



    PROJECT 100 is simple;

    1 Artist/Designer


    1 Day


    1 Set of materials

    = 100 individual items of art jewellery


    Each item will be for sold for £10

    That’s it!!!  See it really is that simple.

    PROJECT 100 aims to make Art Jewellery accessible to a wider audience by break down some of the existing barriers that prevent people from purchasing it.

    PROJECT 100 offers more than just affordable art jewellery, it presents the opportunity for dialogue around the unseen elements of a creative practitioners work. As an Artist & Designer Drew Markou have spent years producing and making items that never see the light of day, otherwise known as ‘test pieces’ or ‘maquettes’. 


    EXTROVERT #1 - Face of Galvanize Sheffield 2013 & sister brooch to EXTROVERT #3 currently touring as part of Suspend.ed in Pink , a internationally touring  Art Jewellery exhibition.

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